Privacy Policy

At the BinaryCount, we are here to provide the basic information anent the trading assets and the Forex trading along with the binary option, latest trends of trading and many more. Even we are here to provide the guidelines for the beginners.

Here the policies and the privacy settings are for the users of the binary count. For any query, you can contact us very easily at We would love to give the answers to your questions and will try to resolve your queries.

Data Protection Privacy Policy:

The utmost priority for us is the data of the user and hence we always provide a good source of protecting your data through double authentication and verifications.

Even when we collect the data we follow the given below pattern that how we store that data:

  • When you log in with BinaryCount you will be signing a contract with them to specify that you are entering your data.
  •  Without your permission, the BinaryCount cannot use or store your data.
  •  Maintaining the privacy of your information is the priority of the BinaryCount.
  •  We are bond with the law of securing the information of the customer or the user properly.

How long your information would be stored:

Just for authentication and verification purpose, the data has been stored for a short period and once the verification is done the entered data will not be used by any of the member or on the software. These things are done and are necessary to be done as the BinaryCount is bound with some laws which are to be followed.

While login which information is stored?

When a person log-in to, at that time the information like IP address, browser type or date and time like information’s are stored for the authentication purpose only. Every company store this information’s to check whether the person entering the information is from a legal source.

This information helps the company to catch any unauthorized user in case of any miss-happening.

Cookies storage purpose:

The cookies are stored by every company and hence BinaryCount also does the same due to the legal purpose. The reason to store the cookies is to give the preference to the user and give them popup on their window to view the page again and again. Also, unlike other things, it is also used for authentication purpose if needed.

Any other unauthorized party interference:

If any other person tries to interfere to use the personal data of any other user then the BinaryCount is bound with the law to take strict action against him or her. These privacy policies are strictly made for the user’s data protection and hence any miss-happening with them is being protected by the BinaryCount.

You may also check other privacy policies to ensure that how the binary counters protecting the data of a user by their end to the extreme level.

Hence, we hope that the user will trust us in terms of data protection and authentication. We will also try to provide the best guidance to the users for the same.