Why and how you should use Price Alerts on the IQ Option platform

There is no doubt that IQ Options has an extensive and mature platform which has gained many admirers and supporters. From the very beginning, IQ has kept its trading interface very easy, simple and intuitive. Continuous updates increase the capability of the platform and keep the platform developed constantly. Here we will discuss about price alerts which will help you to make your trading easier.

Why Price Alerts is a valuable addition to the trading platform

It is common when you find that watching chart is quite tiring. Many professional traders invest their time in studying charts. So, is it necessary to watch charts all the time? Not at all. You can use your time more effectively. In that time there are many trading techniques that you can learn and observe market news. Watching chart is also important, as if you don’t, you may miss the trading opportunity.

It is very well said that “never get on in a moving train” and in the case of trading, it is very true. So, if you enter in the trading at a wrong time, it can be worse.

Don’t try to catch a missed trading opportunity

If you do not wish to lose investment opportunity then you can use price alerts. You will be notified automatically when the prices will reach the level that you have set. This will help you to react to the market at the same time.

If you use price action then price alerts are for you. These are very useful as you can create an early warning system. Whenever the price will reach to its resistance level you will be informed by the platform.

Also, you can make a deep analysis of the assets of trading once a week. Now determine resistance levels to a rectangular price pattern. This type of analysis is made at high time intervals and will be helpful for your future trading. You just have to set price alerts. It will help you to save your time and it won’t let you miss any opportunity.

Setting Price Alerts on the IQ Option platform

It is very natural to add new price alerts. An alert icon will appear on the price axis to the left of the price as soon as you navigate the crosshairs through the chart. So, just click the icon of a price level and the alert will automatically be added.

Setting up price alerts directly from the chart

There is also a feature to edit your previous set price alert, just click on the multi-dot sidebar icon and click ” Alerts” from the menu.

You can access your alerts at any time

Now, you can easily create a new price level, edit or delete an existing one.

You can create new, modify or delete existing price alerts

Price Alerts at work

You will be notified visually as well as audibly automatically once the price reaches a pre-set alert level.

Price Alert notification

Great thing is that you can use this feature through your smartphone app. Now the IQ platform on a computer system can synchronize in real-time with your mobile application. So, when the price reaches the alert level you will be notified.

Price Alert notification from a mobile app

Do not wait and open your IQ Option demo account today and test the new features of the platform.

Happy Trading!

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