IQ Option Trading Interface Detailed Guide

If you are looking for the best trading platform then IQ option is one of them. The traders love working there because of its functions and their features which are being provided to the users

 All the features of the platform are easy and anyone can use them by just going through the tutorials. We are going to look forward to the different features of the IQ option platform which user make get to use. Even one will find it easy and profitable to work with IQ option.

IQ Option trading interface

Common things which you may see on the platform are given below:

  1. First is the settings tab – This tab is represented by a bottom pointed Arrow and is located at the top of the platform. Once you click on this tab you will find the columns where you get an option to submit your photo, your details and your deposit and withdrawal links and many more other general information.
  • Balance of the account tab – You will see the stamp on the top right side of the platform. The colour of the tab is Orange for the practice account and green for the real account. It is a top which is providing you with the space to deposit or withdraw your money.

How to select the assets:

The icon for selecting the assets is a plus sign located at the top of the platform. You have to select the type of financial instrument you have to use for a particular trait. 

The common tabs like sidebar, chart, tools and indicators:

The sidebar is located on the right side of the platform and you will be able to control your history, active trade, chats and support from there easily.

The other three charts, tools and indicators are in the middle of the platform. Below the chart type platform, you will find an option to choose the time interval between bars or candles.  The next, option you will find is the graphical tools that are mostly used for analysis purposes. At last, you are going to find indicators features, that you can implement in your chart to add a variety of technical indicators.

  • History of the market bar – To have a good profitable trade you have to analyze the market going to the previous trades.
  • Investment amount tab – You will find the stamp on the right side of the platform and here you have to enter the amount you want to invest in your particular trade.
  • Higher find the lower tabs which are indicating buying and selling – When you have to call and trade you have to click on buy button so that you could purchase it and when you have to put a trade you have to click on the lower button.

Some other features of the platform:

On the very right side of the interface, you will find the expected return option and the time tab. Through time tab would be able to determine the expiry time of a particular trait.

You also get a multiplier or an auto trade closer feature on the right side of the platform. The name of both the buttons is trading Forex and CFD’s.

Hence, we hope that we have provided you with all the necessary information regarding the IQ option for reading interface. Leave your valuable comments in the comments box so that we could know your feedback.

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