How to Use the IQ Option #1 Support and Chat Feature

IQ Option Chats and

IQ Option is one of the most lovable platforms by its users as it is designed to fulfil all the trader’s needs. IQ Options always welcome the trader’s suggestions and make improvement according to it. If you have any suggestions and want to share your ideas you can easily share with IQ staff support team. Let us check some more features.

Overview of the IQ Option chats and support feature

You can see this on the right-hand panel of your trading account. This feature is accessible on both the practice and the real account. But only real account holders can have chat accessibility on this feature.

You can easily interact with other traders through chat and support feature by keeping some rules in mind. So, if you want to chat to other traders you need to follow the rules.

This feature of chat and support allows you to send a support ticket to the IQ Option support team.

Every thread of this feature has an admin who ensures if members are following the rules or not. Also, if you are not following the rules you can be blocked from this feature.

How to use the IQ Option chats and support feature

Once you logged in your account, you will find chats and support feature on the right of your interface, just click on it.

Click on support if you want to contact their support team and type your message in the given field.

Click on anyone out of 4 threads to chat with other traders, and you will have a brief explanation of these threads.

One of the threads is English thread where traders of all markets come together and share their tips. Here you can find tips from top traders on a regular basis.

If you want any tips particularly for the forex, this is the place for you to find tips.

For cryptocurrency traders, there is crypto chat. As compared to other threads, this thread has the least activity.

If you want stock tips there is stock chat available.

Benefits of the IQ Option chats and support

Want to identify the top traders in the market? This feature is good to do so. If you are new to trading take your interesting thread and look at their conversation. You will find many informative things like their current trading etc. It will give you a hint about the market.

You can also ask for tips in chat and support feature. Just identify the traders who continuously make profits and you can politely ask for help in your trading.

Keep in mind that IQ Option does not provide any permission to share any personal information on the chats. If you do so, you can get banned.

If you wish to get tips and signals sooner, find the time interval and chat when there are many online participants. You can also share anything informative if you want to. It will earn you goodwill.

You can always share your inputs or suggestions or any ideas to suggest an idea thread. This is a place where you can share any idea on how to improve the platform.

Use the chat and support feature with caution

You can use chats and support feature in many ways and has many advantages. Although, if you break any rule, you can be banned.

This chat feature is a very good place to find a good mentor to guide you and provide tips and signals. It is also possible that successful traders providing fake signals and giving you fake tips. Also, some can offer helping hand in return of your trading account. Do not worry IQ Option admins always keep an eye on each chat and its activity and flag down such people.

Keep in mind that IQ Option will never be liable for the losses you incur based on the advice of traders given in the chat rooms.

Whenever you get any tips or signals never forget to do your technical analysis before implementing them. It is better to miss an opportunity over losing your money.

That’s all about the IQ Option chats and support feature.

Good luck!

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