IQ Option Review – A Scam or Legit Broker

If you love to do trading then IQ option is the best platform to start trading. It allows a potential customer and a customer to do trading of like Stocks, Forex and of many cryptocurrencies.

It is the best platform to earn a little more on your every investment. Henceforth, you may try the platform if you are a trader or if you are thinking to become a trader.

History of the platform:

It was founded in 2013 and is being operated by IQ option Ltd. After its successful launch, the site has become the largest platform to trade. Even it had have grown at a wide scale and had multiplied the number of users over the period.

It had an increase of 17 million active users from 2015-2017. Hence, the biggest platform which allows the user to trade with secures methods.

Brief description of the IQ option:

  • The platform is regulated by Cyprus ( CySEC). The minimum initial deposit an active user has to deposit when they start the trade is $10.
  • You will also get a demo account if you are a beginner in trading and you can learn how to trade by that demo account before starting with the real account.
  • The IQ option covers several assets like CFD’s, ETF’s, Forex, Stocks, cryptocurrencies, and some more.
  • The trading platform of the IQ option is a proprietary web and mobile are quite good and comfortable.
  • Therefore, if you are thinking to start trading with IQ option then it is your best decision as you will get a lot of return for your investment through this platform.

A brief about assets which the platform is offering:

IQ option is the biggest trading platform which allows the user to get a return for their investments through various acids. As we have mentioned some of the assets above now we will discuss more anent them in brief detail.

  • CFD: One will be able to trade through CFD on stock and averages of 176 different companies are included in this plan.
  • Cryptocurrencies: As we all know that cryptocurrencies are too famous nowadays and hence it is allowing the traders to trade through 12 different cryptocurrencies.
  • ETF’s: These are like the common stocks and allow the trader to trade through 4288 different ETF.
  • Forex: It is the most famous trading option nowadays and the platform is providing you to trade through 188 currency pairs. With this the trader will be able to trade through any foreign currency they want to.
  • Options: The platform is providing over 10 million of options to the users to speculate their trade through different assets and trading methods.

How to sign up on IQ option?

There are two options through which a trader can start with IQ option:

1. One may signup via Face book or Google to start with IQ option.

2. Otherwise, one can easily create an account through their email id and can sign up to the platform.

After signing up of one has to choose that if they start with the demo account or directly with the real account. A pop-up will be on the screen to choose the type of account one has to start with. The platform is well developed and is providing all the necessary options on its first page only and a beginner will easily get to know that what all options the platform is providing to them.

Now, we will discuss anent both the accounts in brief detail further.

  • Demo Account:
  • If you are a beginner and want to practice before actually starting with the real account then you may opt for a demo account for the same purpose. This will allow you to practice your trading techniques before starting with the real ones.
  • Henceforth, you can trade through this account as long as you want to until you become familiar with the trading techniques.
  • Even the second most advantage of the demo account is that you do not need to provide your personal information on the account.
  •  Live Account:

The IQ option asked to submit a very minimum amount to start with the trading account and only $10 is needed to be deposited before starting with the live account. Right now two trading accounts are being provided by the IQ option to the traders, the details of both the accounts have been mentioned below:

  • Real account:

To start with the real account one has to deposit a minimum investment of $10 and then they can to the trading freely. Also, the platform will provide you with 70 assets then and you can even withdraw the Amount deposited within 24 hours. Therefore, the best way to start with depositing the money and getting the return profit in future.

  •  VIP account:
  • This account can be used by the traders of two types:
  • Those who make a deposit of 1900 or they are carrying a trading volume of $15,000.

For both types of users, the IQ option Limited is providing the VIP account to the traders but they should be from non-EEA countries. Hence, after knowing about the various accounts for which one May opt for now you can decide which type of account is suitable for you and from which you want to start.

How to make deposits on the platform:

  • One has to deposit a minimum of 10 GBP/EUR/USD or any kind of currency to get started with the platform.
  • One can choose any type of currency in which they want to make their deposit and there are no depositing fees taken by the platform.
  • For making your fault deposit you have to verify your account by adding your phone number and some personal details with your photographs.
  • There is different information needed to deposit the money in different countries and you have to submit all of them accordingly.
  • One can deposit through various platforms which the option is providing you.

How to withdraw the amount?

  1. The withdrawal method on the IQ option will depend upon the depositing method. The source which you have to choose to deposit the amount will be the withdrawing amount source.
  2. One will get the return for that deposits made within the 90 days and one can get the refined to this amount only through their credit or debit cards. If the amount is over this then one has to withdraw via bank transfer or through their e-wallet.
  3. Your request for withdrawing your money will be processed within 3 business days.
  4. But as we know that IQ Option is a safe and Secure method hence they need some identification documents before processing the withdrawal funds:
  5. You have to submit your photo along with your valid ID like a passport for a driving license.
  6. If you have had deposited through bank card then you have to post an image of your bank card from both sides along with hiding it CVV number and the middle number of your account number.

Henceforth, by applying through the above methods you would be able to withdraw your funds from the IQ option platform.

All about IQ option platform:

  1. On the platform, you will see a chart in the centre with buying and sell boxes on the right-hand side.
  2. Your balance trading amount along with your assets will be on the top of the platform.
  3. On the top left side of the platform, you will be able to choose the instrument through which you want to trade.
  4. On the right side of the graph, you can choose the type of asset and you will also see a buy and sell option. There you want to submit an amount of asset you want to purchase and then you can submit it.
  5. Even you would be able to choose the type of asset you want to start with.
  6. There is an end number of options which type IQ option is providing for their traders.
  7. Even you may go to chats, trading history and customer support very easily through the platform.
  8. There will be a resources section which will provide you with training to start with trading techniques.
  9. Even when you sign up with the account you will get an option to start with a demo account to learn more about the platform and the demo count is same as the live account.
Order types and a brief of their use:

There are many types of order which one can avail on the IQ option we will discuss them below in brief:

  • Multiplier orders- This is risk-taking order which has to be used only by the experienced traders. In this is the amount of return on any deposit or the investment will increase and the level of risk will also increase. As in this trade if the return is profitable then it will be very higher but if it goes towards loss then loss that will be doubled too.
  • Order of stop-loss- In this type of trade, the trader has to fix a maximum amount of loss. If that limit reaches then your trade will get stopped automatically to protect the deposit from a major loss.
  • Order of Taking profit – In this, the trader has to set the maximum amount of profit they want to get and after that, the trade will get automatically closed.
  •  Stop trailing orders- In this, you would be able directly to remove the changes in the trade to prevent the losses.
  • Pre-order – The preorder is a technique in which you enter amount in which you have to enter the market and when the market reaches it you will be able to start your trade.
Mobile integration feature of the platform:
  • The platform is also providing easy access to the mobile of the trader. Therefore, the trader could start trading through mobile trading options easily.
  • Even one can get the notification through the app or they can push the notifications to push notification option.
  • The trading options to the app will be the same like as on the website but much easier and handy.

Testimonials and training:

  • To provide a better experience to the customer the IQ option is providing many trading videos and the tutorials so that trader can watch them to least more.
  • These tutorials will help the traders to do better trading for earning good return for their Investments.

Awards for the work:

Over the period IQ option has won many awards for the successful running of their platform. The list of awards is little big hence we are mentioning a few of them here.

  • The best binary broker award.
  • 2017 award of Excellence-the biggest honour for the IQ option.


  • The IQ Option is the most worthy platform for trading nowadays. Even it is the biggest platform with no scamming at all. Henceforth, one would be able to do trading without any risk of scams.
  • The trading through this platform will be a very good experience for a trader as one will be able to get the desired return for there is an investment.
  • May be in starting a new trader will face a little difficulty which may get resolved through practising on the demo account.

We hope that you will get an awesome experience with trading on the IQ option platform and for further queries, you may leave your valuable comment in the comment box and our experts will answer your queries.

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