Is IQ Option a Legitimate Online Options Broker?

Overview of the IQ Option platform

IQ Option offers forex and options broker services. Commodities, CFDs and cryptocurrencies are other financial instruments that IQ Option provides. This company offers its products to traders from different regions like Europe, Latin America and Asia. This is an award-winning company and always introduce new features to make trading easy.

Now the question arises, is it really possible to make money trading on IQ Option? Well, like any other broker IQ Option does not guarantee that you make money.

There is always a risk in the financial instrument which results in losing money for traders. There are some traders who make money out of it and that is only because they have knowledge of markets and proper strategy which works for them also psychological stability is great support.

IQ Option scam or legit broker?

If you want to determine the website’s loading time then the easiest way is to determine through third-party sites. After checking IQ Option’s standing time to other investments sites and as a result, it was on 18th position, which gives IQ a good reputation among other options and forex brokers.

After knowing the position of IQ Option among other finance companies, another thing to look was the distribution of countries from which traders came. To sum up IQ Option has visitors over 250 different countries.

We can say that these all are actual traders. It’s good to say that IQ Option is trusted by traders all across the globe as no one country has over 20% of visitors.

IQ Option has visitors from over 250 countries

IQ Option is fully regulated by CySEC

In 2013 IQ Option was established and licenced by CySEC. The main function of IQ is to supervise the financial institutions that handle customer deposits.

CySEC guarantee of IQ Option

The main function of CySEC will be to keep an eye on IQ Option’s activities just like other financial authorities. Some of the activities are like to ensure to keep the trader’s fund separate from the IQ operating funds.

Also, if the situation like IQ Option goes bankrupt happens then it ensures to refund $20000 to traders. It is recommended to solve issues if you have any with IQ Option. Their support team will help you to resolve it.

From 2014 to date how has IQ Option developed?

In the beginning, IQ Option started as an options broker but over the time they started adding other different financial instruments like forex, CFDs, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies.

You can also use this platform on mobile apps and desktop apps. Other additions of IQ are indicators and tools that will make trading easier. VIP accounts are also available to increase trader’s earning potential. 

The main thing that makes this platform popular worldwide is its focus on the trader’s need.

IQ Option is continuously evolving

IQ Option complaints

Nobody is perfect! every online broker attracts trader complaints about time and IQ is no exception. There is one common complaint against IQ is its delayed withdrawals.

Although, it is a common problem with many other platforms. But the good thing is that there no complaint with delayed withdrawals from traders.

To sum up, IQ is a genuine and progressive online options broker that serves traders across the globe. It is a good platform to make your money with the help of different financial tools. So, if you want to be a trader, it is recommended to try a demo account first.

Happy Trading!

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