Beginners Guide to Make First Trade on IQ Option

Have you just started with the IQ option platform? Are you interested to begin as a trader on the IQ option then you are on the right platform!

We here are trying to provide the best beginners guide to the beginners of the IQ Option, We have shared insights of the platform for our readers so that they could know about the facts of trading on IQ option and how they can grow as a trader.

If you have just started your career as a trader, then let me tell you IQ Option is the best platform to start your trade with, as they have great features and provides reliable security.

What mainly you have to focus on while trading?

There are two criteria’s on which one has to work upon while trading on IQ option. Important two criteria’s are given below:

  1. An option trade expires after a certain interval of time. While working on the IQ option as a buyer/seller you have to set a price for your trade so that you can easily get a profitable outcome. If a trade expires you will only get returns of your winning trade.
  2. The second important thing is the price trend, if you think that the price will go high at the time your trades get expire you should choose “Higher Button” and vice versa if you think trends will fall while you close your trade, in that case, you have to select “Lower Button”

Hence, you need to fix both investing price and the expiry date forecast precisely before getting started so that you could get a profitable trade.

You must be very clever to choose the right values as avoiding or taking these small things for granted, this can cause a big loss to you. Therefore, you must assure that you set your trends wisely.

How you have to do your first trade?

To complete the first trade one-half to fix an element through which they are going to invest for example you decided to trade with EUR /USD.

Suppose, that you decided that trend will go up in 1 week and you have invested $2000 and you have got a 78% return for the treat then your approximate profit would be 1560 $. In this manner, you have to decide whether the price will go up or fall, you can place your bid according to your assumption and experience.

  1. The expected profit from a particular trade:

 The amount which is you are gaining from a particular trade will be known expected profit which you are forecasting for a trade.

  • Profit after-sale feature on IQ option:

In this feature on IQ option if your trade is done and you have gained the profit but you doubt that you will lose your profit if you stay for this trade until the expiry time. Then at that time, you have a right to leave the trade with your profit which will allow you to gain your profit wisely.

Along with both the above the expiry date which we have discussed above is an important element for any particular trade.

For trading well you have to keep an eye on your trade:

If you want to gain the best profit from your trade, then you have to keep an eye on the trades and bid accordingly. At any point of time whenever you see that you are getting the best Prophet you can leave that particular trade.

Few tips to attain more profit:

As a beginner once the objective has to learn how to trade on the IQ option instead of earning an instant profit. Because to earn a long-term profit one has to be very specific about their trades and forecasting this will come in their nature after gaining experience. The experience will only come when you actually start trading on demo or real accounts.

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