Guide to the IQ Option Leaderboard

There are many ways to know if your options trading platform is legal or not. One of the ways is, check if traders are actually making money on that platform. Well, in many cases traders won’t share their earnings with you and will avoid this discussion so this way might be a little tough for you.

But when it comes to IQ Option, it has solved both the problems – the leader board. Keep reading to know more about it.

What is the IQ Option leaderboard?

With the help of this feature, you can see which traders have made the most money within a week on the platform. Traders on the leader board are arranged in a particular descending order with the person with the grossest profit being ranked number 1.

On this leader board, you can also check your current rank. This feature will help you compare between you and other trader’s earnings on the platform.

Viewing the IQ Option leaderboard

On the left-hand panel of your trading interface, you will find this feature and enable it just click on “Leaderboard” and you will get a list of traders

This list will show you the worldwide ranking.

How to use the leaderboard

Find out your rank worldwide and in your country

As we have discussed that with this feature you can compare the profits of traders across the globe, besides that, you can compare it against the traders in your country. You just have to click on the drop-down field mentioned as “worldwide” and select “In your country”

Find out which countries have the most profitable traders

You will find your country on the top just after clicking on “Worldwide” drop-down. In that list, you will notice the top ten countries ranked from 1 to 10  on the basis of the most profitable traders. If you want to check the rank of your country scroll down the list and bu this list you can also figure out from where the top traders came from.

Find out which assets the most profitable traders are currently trading

By leaderboard, you can find on what asset the top traders are investing in at the moment. Successful traders tend to have that one skill to identify the asset that can make them profit.

To perform this, take your cursor on the specific trader, a pop-up will occur and will show the trader’s name, profit account type, and the current asset. It may be possible that the traders are using their practice account.

Important things to remember when using the leaderboard

Point to note that IQ option only shows the gross profit which is the total of all profitable trades on the leaderboard. Losing trades are not taken into consideration.

Another thing is that you can access the leaderboard even if you do not have a real account. But the traders who are using real money only that accounts will be displayed on the leaderboard which means practice accounts are not considered.

This was all about IQ Option leaderboard. Don’t wait and use this feature on the IQ Option platform now!

Good luck in your trading!

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