About Us

Binarycount.com is an informative website that provides guides and strategies to become a successful trader. We bring information through various online sources and combine them to provide you with the most accurate and reliable information about brokers.

Our main motto to build this website was to make trading easier for both beginner and experienced traders. For beginners, we provide step by step guide to choose their relevant broker and get on the root to success with effective strategies to trade. Whereas for experienced traders we bring the latest information about trades chart, they can use to make their next trade.

Who Are We?

Binarycount.com is a resourceful website that contains useful blogs and strategy guides which can be used as a piece for learning about insights of the trading world. You can use these blogs to learn latest techniques that actually work.

BinaryCount offers a variety of financial instruments that include options, assets, indices, forex, commodities, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies etc. No doubt trading is a risky job, but once you learn the ethics of trading then the sky is the limit. As a day trader, we want to share our best possible knowledge with other traders so that they too can make a success in trading.

Here on our website, we will be sharing our real-life experiences and strategies that worked for us! You can implement these strategies in your trade and see the difference. If we miss out on any topic, do not hesitate to ask. Just drop us your query we will provide you with the best possible solution.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to build a new platform for beginners and old traders, where they can find any information about different brokers. A place where you can see unbiased reviews, strategies, guides and choose the best suitable broker for yourself.

We cover every aspect of trading like how and when you are ready to start your first trade, the risk involved, how to make investment everything.

We believe in providing the best of our knowledge about trading. We want our fellow traders to become master in trading and start acquiring a life-changing experience.